PUBROBE 2013 photo: Ryohei Tomita


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
8F Gallery I

NISHIO Yoshinari + 403architecture [dajiba]

Born 1982 in Nara
Based in Nara
Established 2011 in Shizuoka
Based in Shizuoka

Nishio has thus far worked primarily with clothing, exploring the nature of dress as a mode of communication in projects like the photo portrait series Self Select, in which he travels to various places where he does not speak the language and exchanges outfits with passersby, after which he and the person take photos of one another, and Overall, where he collects a large volume of old clothes in a particular area collecting and works with local residents to create a giant patchwork installation. Meanwhile, the three-architect unit 403architecture [dajiba], based in Hamamatsu, carries out unique renovations of shops and residences, through close communication within a network restricted to a several-kilometer radius, by reconfiguring materials rooted in that locality. Nishio and the 403architecture [dajiba] members were all born in the 1980s, and while clothing and architecture involve different materials and techniques, they share a common approach to exploring connections between creativity and communication.

Kangaeru Street Fashionshow

Kangaeru Street Fashionshow 2012 photo: James Muriuki