Aichi Triennale

The Aichi Triennale, which has been presented once every three years since 2010, is one of Japan’s premier international art festivals. Featuring a diverse range of Japanese and international artists, the festival is held at a variety of venues, including the Aichi Arts Center, in cities throughout Aichi Prefecture. With a focus on contemporary art, the festival transcends genre boundaries in the performing arts, learning programs, and other fields, conveying the spirit of artistic diversity from the Aichi region.


  • Contributing to the global development of culture and art by creating and disseminating cutting-edge art
  • Bringing culture and art into people’s daily lives by promoting and providing education on contemporary art
  • Enhancing the attractiveness of the region by vitalizing culture and art activities


Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee
(Chairperson Obayashi Takeo (Chairperson of the Board, Obayashi Corporation))