Pentalum 2013 photo: Alan Parkinson


O04[Kosei Site]
Okazaki Park
Sat. Oct 1 - Sun. Oct 16 11:00-17:00
Last admission is at 16:30

Architects of Air

Established in 1992 in Nottingham
Based in Nottingham

Company founder Alan Parkinson started creating pneumatic sculptures he called Luminarium's in the 1980s. Alan's first "Luminarium" was completed in 1985. The Luminarium is a sculpture which people enter and interact with. Upon entering they are greeted by a sense of wonderment, of beauty and colour created by the natural sunlight that floods into the sculpture from the outside and in every direction. This magical phenomenon of light combined with an intricate pathway leading to a small and larger gathering spaces finds its inspiration in Islamic art, Gothic cathedrals and contemporary architecture. The Aichi Triennale 2016 hosts "Pentalum", conceived in homage to the pentagon. Since 1985, 21 different Luminarium sculptures have been created travelling  to 40 countries around the world.