Masayuki Nishie talks in his residence “The Toad House”

Masayuki Nishie talks in his residence “The Toad House”, photo:Chihiro Minato 2014


8F Aichi Arts Center,
Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

In a Strange Land: Following in the Footsteps of NISHIE Masayuki

The linguist and cultural anthropologist Nishie Masayuki (1937-2015), who conducted surveys all over the world including Africa and the Caribbean, is particularly renowned for his research into pidgin and Creole dialects that arise when different languages intersect. After Nishie’s death, his entire collection of folk crafts collected around the world in the course of his research, including masks from various countries, decorative items, and musical instruments, was donated to the Nanzan University Museum of Anthropology. This exhibition features selected items from the collection. It also features some of the many photographs of foreign lands Nishie took during his journeys, as well as a video interview with his longtime friend Minato Chihiro and a presentation of the research achievements of the “barefoot scholar” whose pathways criss-crossed the Earth.