Mapping the color of the picture in the color

Mapping the color of the picture in the color solid Giving a name to the area Making the original color chart of the Triennale 
Color chart making : Manabu Miki 
Photo : Chihiro Minato


8F Aichi Arts Center,
Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

A Rainbow of Artists: The Aichi Triennale Colorscape

Every region has its own distinct color, and these colors can come to symbolize the region. Since ancient times, pigments, the raw materials of colors, have traveled long distances over the sea from their lands of origin, contributing along the way to artistic creativity over the world. Region-specific colors are tinged by natural conditions such as climate and terrain, and lifestyle and cultural features like language, architecture, and fashion, while the names given to colors are intimately linked with people’s perceptions and the seasons. This project brings together colors selected by artists featured in the Aichi Triennale, to create a unique, original color chart for the 2016 Triennale using a chromatic analysis software created by Minato Chihiro and Miki Manabu. Gazing at this collection of colors while conceiving of it as the “chromatic landscape of the world,” viewers will be able to engage with the diverse palette of colors of the world’s cultures.

Director: MIKI Manabu