Trans-dimensional Photos: Images in the Future Tense

Daisuke Yokota Matter, installation view, Trans-Tokyo / Trans-Photo, Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival, Xiamen, China photo: Takashi Kawashima © Daisuke Yokota Courtesy of G/P gallery, Tokyo


O15[Kosei Site]
Okazaki CIBICO 6F

Trans-dimensional Photos: Images in the Future Tense

As digital technology advances dramatically, photography has entered an era of drastic transformation. As the fundamental question of “What is photography?” intersects with extensions and diversions of the medium that may prompt the response “Is this really photography?”, it has become one of the most dynamic areas of contemporary art. One highly noteworthy development is that with advances in computer technology and the advent of 3D printers, photographers are rapidly redefining “photography” as a 3D medium. With the keyword of “transformation,” this exhibition explores the issue of dimensionality, which is shaping up to be a significant trend in the photography of the future, shining a spotlight on the three-dimensionalization of photography in the post-Internet age.

Director: GOTO Shigeo 
Artist: AKAISHI Takaaki, Lucas BLALOCK, KATSUMATA Kunihiko, KOYAMA Taisuke + NAWA Kohei, YOKOTA Daisuke