Geometry of Life

Geometry of Life Installation view at A Solo Show National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens 2012 photo: Marili Zarkou


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
10F Exhibition Room 2


Born 1974 in Istanbul, Turkey
Based in Istanbul, Turkey

Translation, literature, language, drama, oral history, and emotional expressions are among the subject matters that she deals with in her work. Her recent research has been about alphabets, the alphabet reform in Turkey and the literary canon with a particular emphasis on Karamanlidika and Armeno-Turkish books from the 19th Century. Selected exhibitions include Century of Centuries (Salt Beyoğlu, Istanbul, 2015), Anyone Could Be a Sculptor One Day (Spot Production Fund, Istanbul, 2014), HomeWorks 6 (Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, 2013), Here Together Now (Matadero Madrid, 2013), Selling Snails in the Muslim Neighbourhood (Westfalischer Kunstverein, Munster,2013), A Solo exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens (2012).
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