The Secret Garden of Dr.Grand Kafros

Installation view at The Secret Garden of Dr.Grand Kafros 2015 photo: Yosuke TAKEDA


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
8F Gallery J


Formed in Kanagawa in 2007
Based in Tokyo

L PACK. is an artist unit composed of Odagiri Susumu and Nakajima Tetsuya. Since their formation in 2007, they have mixed art, design, architecture and other fields to create spaces for communication among artists, viewers, and local residents, such as the Café Project in which they used a minimum of tools and local materials to change various places around Japan into “landscapes with coffee,” and design of workshop spaces in coordination with museums’ educational outreach programs. For the 2016 Aichi Triennale, they have teamed up with the installer team Miracle Factory on design of venues for educational programs. These four spaces (D’amico Room, which generates diverse encounters with art; Caravan Factory, a site for engaging with bricolage; Estação, the starting point of a journey into the unknown; and Library, which takes the role of a cave of knowledge) serve to switch on visitors’ curiosity and stimulate free-form creative activity.