São Paulo - Templo de Salomão

São Paulo - Templo de Salomão 2014 photo: Mauro Restiffe


Nagoya City Art Museum 1F


Born1970 in São José do Rio Pardo, Brazil
Based in São Paulo, Brazil

Mauro Restiffe prefers shooting his photographs on cloudy and rainy days. His rigorous geometrical compositions in shades of gray marked by intense granulation achieve tactile quality uncommon to photographic production. His particular use of compositional tool renders inoperative the hierarchy between technique and subject matter: framing, light, use of perspective and content are all protagonists in his images. Restiffe’s practice discloses the scaffoldings of power relations inherent to the politics of photographic representation. The artist has exhibited nationally and internationally, including an upcoming large solo show for the recently inaugurated Garage Museum in Moscow. His photographs are part of the Tate Modern collection, as well as the SFMoMA and the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art.