castaway、horizon person

castaway (painting) 2015 
horizon person (sculpture) 2015 Courtesy of the artist


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
B2F Forum 2
N67[Nagoya Station Site]


Born 1969 in Aichi
Based in Gifu

Whatever the intended exhibition venue, Morikita Shin reads deeply into the location or space and uses simple shapes and forms while precisely calibrating his paintings and sculptures to the site. Many of his works feature either people or houses as subject matter. While intentionally leaving many traces of the artist’s hand intact, Morikita works in the simplified and schematic mode typical of modern and contemporary painting and sculpture. At the same time, the people and houses are deployed on surfaces and in spaces so as to achieve a formal, and at times a semantic, equilibrium. In recent years, birds have joined the lineup of motifs, and can be interpreted either as deformations of the human form or as intermediate forms between people and houses. With the appearance of birds, Morikita’s work has taken on an archaic or classical quality, and the world it manifests has become increasingly primordial.