You can’t see a whole tree, and same waves never comes

Installation view at You can’t see a whole tree, and same waves never comes HARMAS GALLERY, Tokyo 2010 photo: Ken Kato


O06[Kosei Site]
Okazaki CIBICO


Born 1979 in Hyogo
Based in Tokyo

Cracks that form in plastic objects, shapes of ash splattered by localized explosions, objects in the dark thrown into sharp relief by bright light. Nomura’s interests lie in precisely carving out the indeterminate territory between intentional and random action through the media of sculpture and photography. In this we can recognize a metaphor for the cycle of creation and destruction in nature and in human activity, and perhaps a sense of the deep cosmic vibrations of Thanatos, but what is even more central is Nomura’s inspiration and creative process based on constant observation and documentation of microclimatic fluctuations between tension and slackness in the surrounding environment. In his work can be seen potential for renewal of the possibilities inherent in sculpture, including its intimate relationship with time and its affinity for photography.