ruru 31st Sao Paulo Biennale 2014 photo: ruangrupa


N57[Choja-machi Site]
Hotta Shoji Co. Building


Established 2000 in Jakarta, Indonesia
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia

Ruangrupa is a nonprofit organization founded and led by artists. It adopts a critical stance toward the problems of contemporary urban Indonesia, and applies the creative power of art to activities addressing the concerns of cities and their cultural life, incorporating theory and practice spanning diverse fields such as sociology, politics, technology, and media. The group’s wide-ranging initiatives include operating the art space where it is headquartered, holding exhibitions and workshops and conducting research, as well as directing international exhibitions such as the OK Video Festival, and carrying out various art collaborations and research projects, as well as running an art shop and the community radio station RURUradio. In addition, ruangrupa is engaged in dissemination and archiving of information through books, art magazines, DVDs and online publications. At the 31th São Paulo Biennial (2014), the group drew attention with its deployment of art spaces that engaged with the urban environment.