random (01-03) 2013 Courtesy of Kodama Gallery


Nagoya City Art Museum 2F

SATO Katsuhisa

Born 1973 in Hiroshima
Based in Aichi

Sato Katsuhisa has thus far applied very simple techniques and a light touch to the exploration of chromatic and formal relationships on a flat surface. Within this context he has arrived at a wide range of final products by varying elements such as the interaction of figure and ground, superimposition and juxtaposition of colors, boundaries between color fields, decorative striped patterns, brushwork, and the sizes of works. Some of the paintings are on cutout shapes, others on surfaces that have parts cut out and are twisted. While appearing to be the result of experimentation, each work has a clear and vivid personality heightened by its brilliant color contrasts. When exhibited as a group, the pieces give the pleasantly bewildering sense that one has wandered into the artist’s studio, creating a resonant counterpoint of color and form.