Camellia closetⅠ、Ⅱ

Camellia closet Ⅰ, Camellia closet Ⅱ Installation view at Embracing for Painting, —Minako Abe, Midori Sato, and Manika Nagare exhibition—, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo 2015 Photo:Ken Kato  Courtesy of Koyama Art Projects


N62[Choja-machi Site]
Yagihyo Nishiki 6th Building
O14[Rokku Site]
Former Ishihara Family Residence

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Wed. Aug 10 - Tue. Aug 23 10:00-20:00
JR Nagoya Takashimaya

SATO Midori

Born 1984 in Aichi
Based in Aichi

Many of Sato’s paintings depict enclosures resembling closets, which spatially suggest depth and three-dimensionality, but are filled with shoes or garments painted in a flatly decorative manner. Within the spaces sharply delineated by horizontals and verticals, each detailed element stands out with an independent presence, clearly figurative yet reduced to color, line, and brushstroke. Deft compositions and configurations draw the viewer’s line of sight into the interior of the enclosure, weaving a dazzlingly vivid tapestry with a quality of dense, elaborate interiority.