still life(flower)009-5

still life(flower)009-5 2009 photo:Tetsuo ITO


O08[Rokku Site]
Former Ishihara Family Residence


Born 1957 in Aichi
Based in Aichi

In much of her work, Shibata draws on the basic forms of traditional ceramics such as vessels and bottles, while creating pieces that are both abstract and of unidentifiable nationality. With sides perforated with window-like apertures, they are structured to allow light and air to pass through. Firing at a lower temperature than ordinary porcelain gives them a soft, pliable look. The experimental forms and delicate structures of the works are further enriched by the painterly decoration of the surfaces. While using vintage transfer papers to apply patterns, Shibata adds further layers of decoration and patina that render their period of origin indistinct or make them appear more antique than they are.