Production Still for Dreams that Have Faded 2016

Production Still for Dreams that Have Faded 2016
Courtesy of Futoshi Miyag


N72[Sakae Site]
The Chuo Hirokoji Building 2F

Interchange of Water: Encounters Between Hokkaido and Okinawa

This exhibition focuses on artists who have lived and worked in Okinawa and Hokkaido, far across the sea from one another, but who have traveled to meet each other, and engaged with people in both places, creating art that shows local influences.The works include letters featuring frottages sent by Hokkaido-born Okabe Masao from the island of Iejima, Okinawa, and a new installation by Okinawa-born Miyagi Futoshi that incorporates a video footage of the sea. It explores innumerable tragedies of history lost to the waves of invasion and repression, with a focus on the Hokkaido region. Through moving images and texts related to Hokkaido and Okinawa, this project examines their history, traditions, modern era, environment, and issues that continue to affect the two prefectures.

Director: HATA Satoshi 
Curator: MACHIDA Megumi 
Project assistant: SANO Yumiko
Artist: ISHIDA Takashi, OKABE Masao, MIYAGI Futoshi, YAMASHIRO Chikako, HATA Satoshi