Alternative spaces in Asia

Alternative spaces in Asia. photo: Kenichiro Egam


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Hotta Shoji Co. Building 2F

Collective Asia: Occupy / Life / Humor

This project is a series of 10 lectures and talks, held every Wednesday evening, introducing collectives (groups of people engaging in artistic and cultural collaboration and social experimentation) in various cities throughout Asia. These diverse regions, with historical and cultural contexts differing from those of Europe and North America, have in recent years seen the emergence of autonomous cultural and social spaces and multi-layered networks, which also function as experimental forums for an alternative social milieu, including models for non-exploitative labor. This project presents the practices of collectives and the issues their members face, and by recording, translating, and editing the raw voices from these regions, creates a shared archive enabling reinterpretation of the relationship between art and social endeavor across the Asian region.

Project team: EGAMI Kenichiro, HATTORI Hiroyuki, CHO sunhe, OYAMA Saeko