d design travel

d design travel vol.1~15 2008- Courtesy of D&DEPARTMENT Inc.


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
8F Rounge
N56[Choja-machi Site]
Hotta Shoji Co. Building


Formed 2000 in Tokyo
Based in 12 locations (11 in Japan plus Seoul, South Korea)

Designer Nagaoka Kenmei established the D & Department Project, a store design collective, with the theme of “design for long life.” With 12 locations in Japan and overseas, they have the eventual goal of operating in all of Japan’s 47 prefectures, unearthing and presenting long-lasting, regionally adapted design concepts for each region. In 2009 the group launched “d design travel,” a guidebook reflecting a new approach to tourism, and thus far they have released three issues (covering three areas of Japan.) D & Department is engaged in a wide variety of other activities, including creating new rakugo (traditional Japanese comedic monologues) for specific prefectures of Japan, and is constantly exploring new ways to highlight the unique qualities of Japan’s regions through avenues such as retail, dining, publishing, and tourism.

d design travel AICHI

d design travel AICHI 2016 Courtesy of D&DEPARTMENT Inc.