Practice of Spiral

Practice of Spiral 2013 Courtesy of Aomori Contemporary Art Centre [ACAC], OTA FINE ARTS


T16[Toyohashi Eki-mae Main Road Site]
Kaihatsu Building 5F


Born 1981 in Kyoto
Based in Kyoto

Hisakado Tsuyoshi focuses on seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life, assembles evidence of the history and phenomena unique to specific places, and creates installations that combine sound, light, and sculpture. In many cases each phenomenon or object is individually controlled by a timed program, so the viewer feels as if he or she is watching a theatrical performance. The resulting spaces, while built from accumulated fragments triggering memories of experiences that everyone shares, take on a singular quality, and connect to individual memory and experience while leading the viewer into a parallel world alongside the everyday. Hisakado was the recipient of the Audience Award at the Nissan Art Awards 2015. Since 2002 he has also been active in the artists’ collective Shinchica.