Burning Chair

Burning Chair 2013 Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery


T10[Toyohashi Eki-mae Main Road Site]
Kaihatsu Building 10F

Ema Emaki / Projection

Sat. Aug 11 (nat. hol.) 19:30-20:15
Rainy weather if discontinuation
Toyohashi City Public Hall
Fri. Sep 2 20:30-21:15
Rainy Weather postponed to Sat. Sep 3
Bank of Japan Nagoya Branch

ISHIDA Takashi

Born 1972 in Tokyo
Based in Tokyo

Ishida Takashi creates paintings and video works featuring brushwork with a clear-cut corporeality combined with plant-like proliferating structures, which express patterns of physical motion, time, and evolution. He adopts a flexible, multifaceted approach, painting directly on walls and floors, or on supports that are horizontally elongated in the manner of emaki scrolls, and films himself painting or produces stop-motion animations, working with different media depending on the subject matter. In addition to works dealing with interiors, windows, and the movements of light or water, he engages in unique practices such as the The Art of Fugue, in which he draws and develops imagery in time with music.