Beyond Untitled (work in process), Scene ESLITE GALLERY, Taipei 2015 photo: LAI Chih-Sheng and ESLITE GALLERY


Nagoya City Art Museum B1F

LAI Chih-Sheng

Born 1971 in Taipei, Taiwan
Based in Taipei, Taiwan

Lai Chih-Sheng is known for minimalist works that combine clear ideas with highly controlled methods of execution, and has emerged as a unique voice in 21st-century contemporary art world. Lai’s work is intended to turn the process of creating art into a tranquil, seemingly effortless evocation of a mental presence––a presence that hints at existential secrets, shines light into fissures that open up in the midst of day-to-day experience, and invades, or pervades, our reality. While minimalist, the works are clearly invested with meanings and ideas that convey Lai’s artistic interpretations of time and space, capsizing our view of the world and teaching us ways of reinterpreting reality.