Art & Breakfast Melbourne 2011

Art & Breakfast Melbourne 2011 2011 Courtesy of the artist


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
10F Exhibition Room 3


Born 1964 in Aichi
Based in Tokyo

Mitamura Midori is internationally active primarily as an installation artist, turning her gaze on the drama generated by memories and documents of everyday life. She positions photos, videos, furniture, miscellaneous items, and words within rooms in the manner of story illustrations, turning the rooms into forums for her own recollections and reminiscences and inviting viewers to interpret them. These spaces are infused with a universal humor and sadness to which any viewer can relate. In recent years she has taken her long-running gallery residency-based project “Art & Breakfast” to numerous locations around the world.

Art & Breakfast 2014

Art & Breakfast 2014, “The men who feel their own values only when they blame someone” 2014 Courtesy of the artist