Flower Names

Flower Names 2015 Courtesy of the artist


Aichi Arts Center 
12F Art Space A
Short Program 2
Tue. Aug 23 17:40, Sun. Aug 28 15:40,
Fri. Sep 2 18:35, Sun. Sep 4 11:00, Wed. Sep 7 17:40

MIYAGI Futoshi

Born 1981 in Okinawa
Based in Tokyo

Started his career as an artist in New York, where he had gone to study. Presents works in various forms including videos, objects, photographs and texts, dealing with such themes as nationality, ethnicity and identity while drawing heavily on his own personal experiences and memories. Recent major exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing 2016: My Body, Your Voice” (Mori Art Museum, 2016), “Our Beloved World” (Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015) and “Nissan Art Award 2015: New Works by Seven Finalists” (BankART Studio NYK, 2015).

Ongoing since 2012, the “American Boyfriend” series is a project that explores the possibilities of unobtrusive relationships that may have existed over fences, such as “love nurtured between a male US soldier and a male Okinawan civilian,” in Okinawa, where countless demarcation lines as symbolized by the fences surrounding the US military bases divide society. Here Miyagi has attempted a highly personal style of storytelling based on rigorous fieldwork while weaving together his own experiences and fiction. Will be screened A Romantic Composition and Flower Names together from its series.