Tsu Hédei Shugaxtutaan Ⅱ

Nicholas Galanin and & Nep Sidhu, No Pigs in Paradise 2016 Courtesy of Anchorage Museum, Alaska


T12[Toyohashi Eki-mae Main Road Site]
Kaihatsu Building 8F

Nicholas GALANIN

Born 1979 in Sitka, Alaska, USA
Based in Sitka, Alaska, USA

“Adaptation and resistance, lies and exaggeration, dreams, memories, and poetic views of daily life—these themes recur in my work, taking form through sound, texture, and image.”
Born in Alaska to parents with native North American ancestry, Nicholas Galanin began learning indigenous art techniques at an early age, and later incorporated the contemporary visual art he studied into these traditional practices. Combining these two ends of the artistic spectrum in a complex but balanced manner, Galanin takes a highly individualistic approach to the question of what it means to represent culture and to express the self through visual art.

Tsu Hédei Shugaxtutaan Ⅱ

Tsu Hédei Shugaxtutaan Ⅱ 2006 Courtesy of the artist