Matsumae-kun’s Manjimanju

The Form of the Palace of Matsumae-Kun's Brothers1' 2006 © Hiroyuki Oki


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Hotta Shoji Co. Building

OKI Hiroyuki

Born 1964 in Tokyo
Based in Kochi, Tokyo, and elsewhere

Film director and visual artist Oki Hiroyuki began producing films while studying architecture at the University of Tokyo. In 1989 he debuted the "Buddy Matsumae" film series based in Matsumae-cho, Hokkaido, which continues to this day. Oki’s Heaven-6-Box won the NETPAC Award at the 46th Berlin International Film Festival (1996). He frequently travels around various countries, shooting with a hand-held camera. In addition to film, Oki creates installations and stages musical or dramatic performances that frequently incorporate accumulations of everyday materials, or drawings generated during the creative process. Oki has led the yosakoi dance team M.I. at the Kochi Yosakoi Festival for 16 consecutive years. The massive amounts of imagery sequentially overlaid in his film works convey an overall picture of the interrelation of movement, everyday life, and philosophy.