Kaigaiijukumiai no Ijuchijikkyo (Scenes from Overseas Immigration Cooperative Settlements)

Kaigaiijukumiai no Ijuchijikkyo (Scenes from Overseas Immigration Cooperative Settlements) 1934 Courtesy of Planet Film Archive


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Founded in 1974 as an affiliate of the Nihon Eiga Kanshokai Osaka (Japanese Film Appreciation Society Osaka), an independent screening circle established by students in 1967. One of Japan’s largest private archives of film-related books, pamphlets, posters and other material, and collectors of films. The films in the collection number around 15,000 and range widely from narrative films and documentaries from the silent era to educational films, adult films and TV cartoons. Among the collection, which was put together as a result of representative Yasui Yoshio’s own research/collection activities, are Itami Mansaku’s legendary masterpiece Kokushimusou (The Peerless Patriot, 1932); Kurayami no Tejina (Magic in the Dark, 1927), an educational film with avant-garde influences by Suzuki Shigeyoshi whose existence was unknown; the debut work by animation pioneer Ofuji Noburo; and a collection of works by amateur author Mori Kurenai. The Archive continues to actively engage in activities, with these and other new discoveries resulting in the updating and rewriting of film history.