Dinner with 30 Items and 100 Ingredients

Performance at the event Dinner with 30 Items and 100 Ingredients Villa Medici, Roma 2014 Courtesy of the artist


O09[Rokku Site]
Former Ishihara Family Residence


Born 1970 in Tokyo
Based in Paris, France

A writer and translator, Sekiguchi works with the theme of multiplicity, seeking to liberate language from the constraints of a single identity. By translating both from French to Japanese and vice versa, translating works in multiple languages (French and Creole, French and Dari [the variety of Persian prevalent in Afghanistan]), and collaborating on joint translations, she expands the conventional boundaries of translation, and as a writer her work in both French and Japanese spans multiple genres including poetry, essays, manga, and culinary writing. Sekiguchi has also collaborated with many artists, designers, and composers. In recent years she has been engaged in “literary catering,” involving thematic design for workshops and performances tying together literature and cuisine, and has been translating literature that deals with the theme of flavor.