From window to room

From window to room 2013 Courtesy of the artist


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
11F Viewing Balcony
O11[Rokku Site]
Former Ishihara Family Residence

TAJIMA Hidehiko

Born 1973 in Gifu
Based in Gifu

Tajima creates both flat and three-dimensional works that reference the patterns of mass-produced decorative tiles, which under ordinary circumstances go virtually unnoticed. In one sense these appear to be a subtle attempt to restore, through painting, status to the design and workmanship of anonymous modern tiles produced in the Chubu region of Japan, historically a major center of tile manufacture. At the same time the non-local and ahistorical character of these tile designs is emphasized so that Tajima’s work does not seem to belong to a specific country, or could potentially belong to any country. They fascinate the viewer with the possibility of decorative surfaces and spaces that transcend national identity.