Raymond Roussel Laboratory

Raymond Roussel Laboratory 2014 photo: Chihiro Minato


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
8F Gallery C, Lounge


Born 1943 in Tokyo
Based in Tokyo

Sculptor Takahashi Shiro presented the 3-D Mechanical Sculpture Series, a series of works of art controlled by computer technology that was extremely advanced for the time, at Osaka Expo ’70 and many other venues. Afterward he conceived the Pneumatic Sculpture Series, employing balloons as art materials, and exhibited it around the world. Takahashi is recognized as a pioneer in the use of computers and technology in art, and is also a leading design researcher at Tama Art University. He is internationally known for his studies of patterns in Islamic art, and while advocating a unique philosophy of education, has made significant achievements in art, research, and education including serving as president of Tama Art University.