A Deer Shot Dead

A Deer Shot Dead November 2009, Kamaishi, Iwate Courtesy of the artist and GALLERY SIDE2 copyright Masaru Tatsuki


Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
8F Gallery I
O10[Rokku Site]
Former Ishihara Family Residence


Born 1974 in Toyama
Based in Tokyo

A book of Tatsuki’s photos of ornate trucks and their drivers, entitled Decotora, was published in 2007. Another photo book, Tohoku, containing photos taken in the Tohoku region since 2006, was published in 2011. He wrote that “in Tohoku animals and human beings are closer to one another” and “life and death are profoundly connected.” In 2012 Tatsuki published Is the Blood Still Red?, a series of photos of deer hunting in Tohoku. He followed these with Kuragari (2013), portraying deer in dark environments, and Never Again (2014), dealing with the end of deer hunting itself. Tatsuki is currently in the midst of shooting Fish-Man, which depicts fishermen and the lives they lead in Hachinohe, Aomori. His work derives distinctive character and tremendous appeal from his unique relationships with his subjects.