transparent sign

transparent sign 2015 photo: OSUGA Shinichi Courtesy of GALLERY CAPTION


N52[Sakae Site]
The former Meidi-ya Sakae Building


Born 1973 in Osaka
Based in Kyoto and Gifu

Terada assembles combinations of everyday objects made with transparent or reflective materials, such as containers, stationery supplies, and toys, which finely reflect back and forth a pale glow, and create spaces with a constrained color palette and rich sense of depth. Her evident affection for small objects evokes nostalgia, recalling the unconditional absorption in intimate worlds that we all enjoyed while playing as children. The spheres and circles she positions as the focal points or accents of compositions strike the viewer as modules that reduce or curtail the imaginary universes of the works. However, the core of the work does not lie in its similarity to the imaginings of childhood, but rather in the presentation of a certain kind of receptivity that is possible today. The minuscule size of the objects makes the spaces we inhabit larger by comparison. The recognition of this phenomenon elicits a joy that is in itself a central theme of the work.