Nishinari Naruheso Newspaper

Naruheso Newspaper Project ©YAMADA Ko


N53[Sakae Site]
The Chuo Hirokoji Building
N60[Choja-machi Site]
Yagihyo Nishiki 1st Building


Born 1964 in Aichi
Based in Aichi

Nagoya-based Yamada Ko studied art in the United States and is active both in Japan and internationally. His work takes photography as a base and explores possibilities by building upon it with diverse media and formats. Here, Yamada presents an Aichi version of his Naruheso Newspaper, thus far issued in locations including Berlin and the Nishinari Ward of Osaka. In this newspaper, the pages are likened to a map of an urban community, and articles are partially replaced with each new issue just as in cities the buildings are demolished, become vacant lots, and are replaced by new buildings. It draws on the oral history of communities and presents them through the classic contemporary medium of the newspaper, giving rise to new interactions and dialogue in the community. For this event, Yamada will establish an editorial bureau in town and work with volunteer reporters to interview local residents, producing and distributing the newspaper for the duration of the Aichi Triennale.