Zdravstvuite! 2015 Courtesy o fthe artist


Aichi Arts Center
12F Art Space A
Short Program 4
Sun. Aug 21 11:00/17:45, Fri. Aug 26 17:25,
Sun. Aug 28 10:45, Sun. Sep 11 10:25
N102[Choja-machi Site]
Fushimi Station
former Service Center
Short Program 5
Thu. Aug 11 (nat. hol.) - Fri. Sep 16 11:00-19:00 (Fri-20:00)
Short Program 6
Sat. Sep 17 - Sun. Oct 23 11:00-19:00 (Fri-20:00)


Born 1987 in Aichi
Based in Tokyo

Graduated from the School of Media and Design, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences in 2010. Completed studies in the Department of Animation at the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015. Began making animated works while at university. Barikan 2010 A Happy New Year (2010), which was screened as part of Image Tomorrow, the open entry section of Image Forum Festival 2010, is notable for its hybrid nature, incorporating various animation techniques and methods.

Zdravstvuite!, was completed as part of Yuki’s studies at Tokyo University of the Arts and is a unique piece based on her cross-sectional, multilayered creative approach and incorporating documentary-like elements that depicts her exchanges with a mysterious old man she met at Yokohama where her campus was located who was once a prisoner of war in the Soviet Union.