Mukai Eriko

  • Born 1990 in Hyogo, Japan.
  • Based in Akita, Japan.

The motifs of Mukai Erikoʼs performances are based on systems that are certain but outside the realm of the visible, for example livestock slaughter, oil extraction, systems of government bonds or global water vapor circulation. Mukai treats elements that let us feel the materiality of her motifs as a kind of sculpture and converts the inherent mechanisms of their systems into life-sized devices which she operates. In this way, she creates spaces that enable a close approach to her intangible subjects while traversing sensuous perceptions and speculations towards abstracted performance.

Mukai Erikoʼs main exhibitions include Arts and Routes, Akita Museum of Modern Art (2020; Japan); Impurity/Immunity, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo (2017; Japan); and New Rube Goldberg Machine, KAYOKOYUKI and Komagome Soko (2016; Tokyo, Japan).

  • approach 6.1, 2020
  • Photo: Yu Kusanagi