Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and Venues in the Vicinity of Toyotashi Station

Toyota City, classified as a “core city” by the Japanese government, is located near the central part of Aichi Prefecture. The city has a population of about 420,000. Besides being well known for its manufacturing industry, Toyota is also a verdant city with its pastoral landscapes and its nature that changes with the seasons. Festival locations in this area include: Toyota Municipal Museum, which was designed by Yoshio Taniguchi (acclaimed for his museum architecture) and opened in 1995; the former traditional Japanese inn and restaurant Kirakutei, a classic Taisho-era townhouse designated by the government as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property; and the areas in the vicinity of Toyotashi Station (Nagoya Railroad) and Shin-Toyota Station (Aichi Loop Railway). Alongside the festival, the Toyota Stadium, one of the venues of the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019, will be hosting international matches featuring national teams from Japan and other countries. Likewise, the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art will be holding Gustav Klimt: Vienna – Japan 1900, an exhibition held concurrently with the festival.