• Born 1986 in Mie, Japan
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
  • Photo: Kazuya Ozawa

Yumisashi Kanji is a painter who consistently returns to the themes of suicide and mourning. After graduate school he started a video production company in Nagoya with a university friend, but he resigned from his role as representative director in 2013 before going to Tokyo and starting out as an artist. His mother, who had suffered mentally and physically since an earlier traffic accident, died by suicide in 2015, while Yumisashi was studying in the first class at Genron Chaos*Lounge New Art School. He had a vision of a bird holding a gold ring before her funeral procession, and this has become a core motif that appears again and again in many of the pieces that Yumisashi has created since. His Mourning O, which took the death by suicide of a pop idol 30 years prior as its theme, was awarded the Toshiko Okamoto Award at the 21st Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art in 2018. Mermaid in April, Yuminashi’s exhibition from the same year, was a continuation from that piece and attracted widespread attention.

Selected Works & Awards

Mermaid in April (solo), Genron Chaos * Lounge Gotanda Atelier, Tokyo, Japan
21st Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art, Kanagawa, Japan, Toshiko Okamoto Award
First Premise First Press, Genron Chaos * Lounge New Art School Achievement Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, Gold Prize
  • Mountains of Switzerland, 2018
  • Photo: Takumi Suizu
  • Courtesy of the artist