Inoue Yui

“Project for Exploring Honokuni

Thanks to fieldwork throughout Honokuni*── a region where since ancient times East and West have actively exchanged goods, culture, and information, via the sea, rivers, and overland transportation── this project will collect and tap into local resources (knowledge, techniques, materials, folk tales, patterns ), in order to create new “trading goods” that embrace local narratives. By opening up such a “marketplace,” this project will develop fresh approaches to migration and trade and reinvisage the state of the world.

* Honokuni:
Located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago, Honokuni refers to the Higashi Mikawa region in the eastern part of Aichi Prefecture. Its name originally derives from the Japanese word Honokuni, signifying a land of “abundant harvests,” for which this region was renowned in ancient times. It stretches from the Okumikawa mountains to the Toyohashi Plain and the Atsumi Peninsula, with the Toyokawa River flowing through its centre.

Inoue Yui

  • Born in Aichi, Japan.
  • Based in Shiga, Japan.

Her major exhibitions include: Soft Territory, Shiga Prefectural Museum of Art (2021; Japan); Yokohama Paratriennale 2017 (Kanagawa, Japan); and SOKO LABO, Setouchi International Art Festival 2016 (Kagawa, Japan).

  • Between Living and Making, 2021
  • Photo: Tsujimura Koji