Lothar Baumgarten

  • Born1944 in Rheinsberg, Germany; lived and worked in Berlin, Germany, and New York, USA; died in 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

The artistic work of Lothar Baumgarten explores ethnological and anthropological subjects to create situations of attention and encounter. He has been using a wide range of media to reflect on visual and language-based systems of memory and representation: from ephemeral sculptures to photography, slide projections, films, recordings, prints, books, short stories, as well as site-specific interventions and wall drawings. In 1977 Baumgarten traveled to South America where he lived with two tribes of the Yanomami people in the border region of Venezuela and Brazil, with whom he stayed until 1980. Those events mark a transition from the imaginary travels and landscapes in the late 1960s and early 1970s to formally precise artistic investigations of cultural difference of his later works.

Baumgarten represented Germany at the 41st Venice Biennale (1984; Italy), where he was awarded the Golden Lion. He also held solo exhibitions in the worldʼs leading museums, and participated, a.o., at documenta 5 (1972; Kassel, Germany), documenta 7 (1982), 9 (1992), and documenta X (1997).

  • Tetrahedron, 1968
  • © Lothar Baumgarten Estate, VG Bild Kunst