Miyata Asuka

  • Born in 1985 in Aichi, Japan.
  • Based in Mie, Japan.

Miyata Asuka creates her works using textiles and fabrics and techniques such as knitting and stitching. She constructs new narratives through her own and othersʼ memories and questions blindly-accepted traditions and customs. In recent years, Miyata has pursued a series of projects that form communities through local knitting and stitching groups in several towns in Japan. By talking and knitting together, people from different generations exchange knowledge and personal experiences with each other, and the ensuing casual conversations enable participants to rediscover the fact that inconspicuous events and private affairs are actually closely tied to the larger goings-on of society.

Miyataʼs recent projects include Bilateral Visual Art Exhibition: Nagoya x Penang (Nagoya Head Office),Minatomachi Potluck Building (2021; Aichi, Japan), “Kanaiwa Shugei-bu” (Kanaiwa Knittingʼn Stitching Group), Kanaiwa Rakuza as part of the project presented by the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (2021; Ishikawa, Japan), Walking in Textiles—Contemporary Art in Ichinomiya, Former House of Hayashi (2018; Aichi, Japan), and Minatomachi Shugei-bu (Minato Knittingʼn Stitching Group) (2017‒ (ongoing); Aichi, Japan).

  • “Hello! We are Minato Knittingʼn Stitching Group. Vol.4” 2021
  • Photo: Tomoya Miura
  • Courtesy of Joint Committee of Port Town