Announcement: The Logo for Aichi Triennale 2022

  • August 23, 2021

We held a press conference to announce the logo for Aichi Triennale 2022.

[The Logo]
In discussions with the artistic director, we noted that the heart shape is similar both to the overall shape of Aichi Prefecture and to the contours of Mikawa Bay, encircled by the Chita and Atsumi peninsulas, and we were also inspired by the image of the heart as symbolizing the "alive" element of the Triennale theme, "STILL ALIVE."
While examining the logo from this standpoint, we also observed that the kanji character ai[愛] in Aichi Prefecture's name means "love," and the logo also speaks to our enduring love for this region.
The color fuses multiple shades of red, such as shojo-hi(scarlet)and the characteristic redware of the Tokoname kiln, which represent Aichi Prefecture. The shojo in shojo-hi is a monkey-like being with origins in Chinese mythology, and a familiar figure at festivals especially in the southern part of Nagoya City. It appears alongside the tengu(long-nosed goblin) at the autumn festival at Arimatsu Tenman-sha Shrine in the Arimatsu district, one of the venues for Aichi Triennale 2022. Also, scarlet rasha(thick close-woven woolen cloth)has a history of being used for the battle surcoats of military commanders such as Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi during the Sengoku Period(c. 16th century), another way in which scarlet is tied to Aichi.
I aimed to design a symbolic logo that will be loved by the people of Aichi Prefecture while sending a message that reaches throughout Japan and the world.

Tanaka Yoshihisa
Official Designer, Aichi Triennale 2022


Tanaka Yoshihisa
Official Designer, AichiTriennale 2022

Tanaka Yoshihisa handled VI(visual identity)planning for the 58th Venice Biennale, Pavilion of Japan(2019; Italy), the Tokyo Art Book Fair(2020; Japan), and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, and has produced art books with numerous artists. He is also one half of the artist duo Nerhol. Recent exhibitions in Japan include The Eighth Tsubaki-kai Exhibition, Shiseido Gallery(2021; Tokyo), New Photographic Objects, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama(2020), and the solo show Promenade, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa(2016)