Floor talk from International Art Exhibition artists

On Thu., August 11(nat. hol.) and Fri., August 12 along with the opening of Aichi Triennale 2016,
floor talk from international artists will be carried out.
Its venues will be at the front of each art work. Artists themselves will describe about their works.

【Venues:Aichi Arts Center/ Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art】
■Thu., August 11(nat. hol.)
11:00~11:30  Kawayan DE GUIA
11:40~12:10  Nidhal CHAMEKH
13:30~14:00  Chris WATSON
14:00~14:30  TAKEKAWA Nobuaki
15:00~15:30  KANNO So+yang02
16:30~17:00  NISHIO Yoshinari+403architecture[dajiba]

■Fri., August 12
11:00~11:30  UuDam Tran NGUYEN
11:40~12:10  Charles LIM YI YONG
13:20~13:50  Kio GRIFFITH
14:00~14:30  Jerry GRETZINGER
16:30~17:00  MITAMURA Midori
17:00~17:30  Valsan KOORMA KOLLERI

【Venues:Nagoya City Art Museum】
■Thu., August 11(nat. hol.)
10:00~10:30  João MODÉ
10:30~11:00  LAI Chih-Sheng
11:00~11:30  OKABE Masao
11:30~12:00  Mauro RESTIFFE
12:00~12:30  SATO Katsuhisa

Artists will talk about their art works in the gallery.
Comission Free ( with International Art Exhibition ticket / Free under the age of junior high school students.)