AHA![Archive for Human Activities]

“Dashboard Camera” (working title)

AHA! is an organization that has been working on establishing an archive devoted to individual citizen’s records and memories of ordinary people. Focusing on the “voluntary” return of driver’s licenses, a system that has garnered much attention over recent years, this project will reconsider our relationship with the automobile in modern society. It will take into consideration the experiences of those who have reached a point where they must decide about giving up their licenses, as well as the impact on their families.

AHA![Archive for Human Activities]

Launched in Osaka in 2005, AHA’s major projects include: I’m calling you., Musashino City Kichijoji Art Museum (2017; Tokyo, Japan), a book of commemorative photos of Hanako, Japan’s longest-living Asian elephant, and the exhibition I remember: Diaries of growing for 10 years at the Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Centre (2021; Miyagi, Japan), based upon a child-rearing diary by a survivor of the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.

  • Private screening at the home of an 8mm film donor.