mirukusouko (Milk Warehouse)+The Coconuts

  • Formed 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Based in Tokyo Japan.
  • Members: Naotaka Miyazaki (b. 1974), Naoki Matsumoto (b. 1982), Kota Sakagawa (b. 1976), Eisuke Shinozaki (b. 1980), Takuma Nishihama (b. 1978), Zenichi Tanakamaru (b. 1984), Hiroaki Takiguchi (1974‒2016)

mirukusouko (Milk Warehouse) was formed in 2009. The artist unit Coconuts joined in 2015 and now there are seven members working together as mirukusouko + The Coconuts.

With each member possessing specialized skills, in areas such as architectural design, electrical installation technology, music, and editorial design, the group operates much like a medieval guild, drawing no boundaries between artists and technicians. Their works are characterized by the discovery of potential functions of things and inspired by connections between tools and the body. From 2011 to 2016, they ran the alternative space “milkyeast” in Hatchobori, Tokyo, where exhibitions and events were held.

Major exhibitions include TIMELINE: Multiple measures to touch time, The Kyoto University Museum (2019; Japan), and Plans for TOKYO 2019 vol. 4 scratch tonguetable, gallery αM (2019; Tokyo, Japan).

  • scratch tonguetable, 2019, Plans for TOKYO 2019 vol.4 mirukusouko + The Coconuts scratch tonguetable, gallery αM [Curated by Yabumae Tomoko]
  • Photo: Kenji Morita