Nikau Hindin

  • Born 1991 in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Based in Turanganui a Kiwa (Gisborne), Aotearoa New Zealand.

Nikau Hindin (Ngai Tūpoto hāpū, Te Rarawa, Ngāpuhi) is a bark cloth maker who works with aute (paper mulberry). She grounds her practice, the Māori Lunar calendar, language, genealogy, and relationships with knowledge holders, the land, plants, and water.

Hindin was influenced by her time in Hawaiʼi with teachers and students of voyaging, celestial navigation, and kapa (Hawaiian tapa cloth). She returned to Aotearoa in 2018 to revive the practice of aute, a tradition that had not been practiced in over a century. Hindin straddles the worlds of indigenous practice and contemporary art. Her solo show Kōkōrangi ki Kōkōwai at The Dowse Art Museum, New Zealand, in 2020, was based on the movement of celestial bodies as signs that not only indicate direction but also delineate time as an important element of our lunar-stellar calendrical system. Her recent exhibitions include pasapkedjinawong, Mackenzie Art Gallery (2021; Saskatchewan, Canada), Naadohbii, Winnipeg Art Gallery (2021-22; Manitoba, Canada), and Kathmandu Triennial 2021 (Nepal).

  • Mutuwhenua. Te Ngahurumātoru o Ruahanui. (New Moon in the 13th moon cycle of the star Sheratan) [detail], 2020