On Kawara

  • Born in 1932 in Aichi, Japan; lived and worked in New York, USA; died in 2014 in New York, USA.

Internationally renowned conceptual artist On Kawara has earned high praise for work including the Today series of Date Paintings (1966‒2013). Adhering to a self-imposed rule that each painting must be completed on a single day, Kawara painted the date of each piece’s creation on nearly 3000 monochrome canvases over a period of 48 years. The artist is also known for his I Am Still Alive series (1970‒2000), wherein Kawara sent telegrams bearing only the statement, “I AM STILL ALIVE.” This message, which reaffirms the transitory existence of both sender and recipient, is the inspiration for Aichi Triennale 2022’s theme and concept.

Major solo exhibitions include On Kawara: Continuity/Discontinuity 1963–1979 (1980‒1981, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan), On Kawara: Again and Against (1991, ICA, Nagoya, Japan), and On Kawara – Silence (2015, Guggenheim, New York, USA).

  • Telegram to Sol LeWitt, February 5, 1970
  • From I Am Still Alive, 1970‒2000
  • LeWitt Collection, Chester, Connecticut, USA
  • © One Million Years Foundation