Rita Ponce de León

  • Born 1982 in Lima, Peru.
  • Based in Mexico City, Mexico.

The artist Rita Ponce de León is currently studying body-mind techniques for human development at the Argentine organization Río Abierto. She understands working as a way to engage in situations that allow, through artistic and learning processes, the generation of meaningful human bonds. She has practiced various forms of movement, including Butoh, a form of Japanese dance theatre, and participated in workshops that take body movement as the origin of knowledge and wisdom. She condenses her experiences in movement and learning with others into drawings, sharing her thoughts in the form of visual essays.

Her work has been shown at the 32nd São Paulo Biennial (2016; Brazil), Kunsthalle Basel (2014; Switzerland), 80M2 Gallery (Lima, Peru), and Museum of Modern Art (Mexico City, Mexico), among other places.

She currently collaborates with Tania Solomonoff (choreographer), Vacaciones de Trabajo (a self-education project), Shinnosuke Niiro (poet), Yaxkin Melchy (poet), and Esparta Martinez and Sakiko Yokoo (dancers and kamishibai picture story show narrators/actors).

  • Sin conocernos, sencillamente seguimos (Without knowing each other, we simply continue), 2018
  • Photo: Juan Pablo Murrugarra
  • Courtesy of 80M2 Livia Benavides Gallery, Lima, Peru