Robert Breer

  • Born 1926 in Detroit, USA; lived and worked in Paris, France, and New York, USA; died in 2011 in Tucson, USA.

Robert Breer was a filmmaker, painter, animator and sculptor whose complex and diverse work was informed by the dynamic and interplay between his various media. Throughout the more than fifty years of his career, Breer constantly challenged new realms, explored the dialogue between art and other domains, and embraced the concepts of experimentation and chance with great humor and seriousness.

In 1980, the Whitney Museum held the first retrospective exhibition of his work, with others to follow in Europe and the USA. In 1981, Breer was commissioned for a large mural on the outside of the Film Forum in New York. He won the Max Ernst Prize at the Oberhausen Film Festival in 1969, the Maya Deren Independent Film and Video Artists’ Award in 1987, and the Stan Brakhage Vision Award in 2005. Major solo exhibitions of Breerʼs works have been shown in numerous venues, such as CAPC (2010‒2011; Bordeaux, France), the Tinguely Museum (2011‒2012; Basel, Switzerland), the Baltic Contemporary Art Center (2011; Gateshead, UK), the Sharjah Art Foundation (2016; UAE), and the Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare (2020‒2021; Bolzano, Italy).

  • FLOAT, 1970
  • Courtesy of Kate Flax and gb agency, Paris
  • Commission: Sharjah Art Foundation