Sanada Takehiko

  • Born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan.

Sanada Takehiko first learned design at ISSEY MIYAKE, before moving to the UK to study art under sculptor Richard Deacon and later establishing his own studio in Tokyo. While visiting Greenland at age 30, he encountered the death of a hunter, leading him to grapple with the fundamental meaning of existence and life. Using fiber as his medium, he has since exhibited his sculptures at galleries and museums in and outside of Japan.

He also researches fibers, from the traditional to the cutting-edge, shedding light on the history and culture of Japanese fabrics. He works with local municipalities and textile corporations to organize social aid programs that use clothing to raise awareness around themes such as disaster mitigation and education. Major works include Angin Project (2002-present), which aims to revive Japan’s oldest weaving method in Echigo region, and Cotton Project (2008-present), which follows the works’ entire creation process, beginning with growing cotton across Japan.

  • Image of the exhibited work
  • Courtesy of the artist