Adieu News

  • Installation view at Aichi Triennale 2019
    Adieu News, 2019
    Photo: Tetsuo Ito


LIM Minouk will present a new scenographic space through her new body of work called Adieu News (2019), which includes a two-channel video of the newly edited The Possibility of the Half (2012), as well as an installation featuring colorful Korean traditional dresses, Hanbok. By juxtaposing two funerals of the former supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, and that of the former president of South Korea, Park Chung-hee, Lim questions the inexplicable grief and paradox of the two communities. The newsroom format that bids farewell portrays society's current situation: an era of separation punctuated by the collective media stirring emotions now more than ever.

LIM Minouk

  • Born 1968 in Daejeon, South Korea
  • Based in Seoul, South Korea
  • Photo: Leila Mesdaghi
    Courtesy of the artist

Lim Minouk is one of Korea's foremost artists exploring topics such as the potential of communities that transcend the framework of the nation state, or the power of latent solidarity existing between individuals. Lim attempts to bring to light communities that remain invisible within modern society, and--focusing on the common sorrow as yet shared between the peoples of the north and south, whose bodies and minds, as well as their histories, have been torn apart--has frequently expressed the possibilities of (情). The media and scale she works in span a diverse range across her projects: large-scale installations combining video, photography, or other visual media with elements calling attention to tactile qualities, such as fake fur or glass; theatrical works incorporating songs or performances into participatory tours; pieces accomplished through the audience's subtle interventions; and more.

Selected Works & Awards

2016 10th Taipei Biennale, Gestures and Archives of the Present, Genealogies of the Future, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD, Berlin, Germany
2015 United Paradox, PORTIKUS, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2015 The Promise of If, PLATEAU Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
2015 Absolut Art Award 2015, Stockholm, Sweden


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