CHOI Seung-Ho Criminal Conspiracy

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South Korea's Lee Myung-bak administration, which was already in crisis soon after his inauguration due to reports on BSE (mad cow disease) in US beef in 2008, launched a blatant campaign of intervention in major broadcasters KBS and MBC. Programs and management personnel critical of the administration were eliminated, and new management installed by the administration carried out widespread disciplinary measures and dismissals. The Park Geun-hye administration, which took power in 2012, took the same approach, and of the course of about nine years the government thoroughly crippled the mass media. This film exposes those in power in the broadcasting industry as "accomplices" to the president and other government officials who were the main perpetrators in destroying freedom of the press and freedom of expression. At the end of the film we are presented with the names of an incredible number of people who have fought for freedom of the press and lost their positions as a result.

CHOI Seung-Ho

  • Born 1961 in Gangwon-do Inje-gun, South Korea
  • Based in Soul, South Korea
  • © KCIJ Newstapa

Choi went to work for South Korean public broadcaster MBC in 1986. As a producer (PD), he did investigative reporting for the popular program PD Notebook starting in 1995. After an unfair dismissal from MBC in January 2012, he started working for the independent media outlet Newstapa, launched by reporters who, like him, lost their positions because they were critical of the administration. After the film Spy Nation (2016), he released Criminal Conspiracy (2017), which earned an unusually high theatrical viewership of 260,000 in South Korea. In December 2017 he became president of his former employer MBC, and announced a reinstatement of unfairly fired employees and a joint declaration with the labor union, part of the process of rebuilding the public broadcaster.

Selected Works & Awards

2016 Spy Nation


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